• 1 pm, Exhibition Hall: In collaboration with the Schatz Energy Research Center, the Efficiency for Access Coalition will introduce a new quality assurance programme for off-grid modern energy solutions, the evolved program of Lighting Global Quality Assurance.
  • 1:30–3 pm, Bougainville: Elisa Lai from the Efficiency for Access Secretariat will speak on the panel Consumer-centric technology: The next wave of off-grid solar products and services. She will discuss technology trends in the sector and celebrate consumer-focused innovations that are accelerating the availability and affordability of new products and services.
  • 3:45–5:15 pm, Bougainville: Efficiency for Access Coalition member IKEA Foundation’s Jeffrey Prins will speak on the panel The link between agri and off-grid energy solutions. Jeffrey will discuss how technological advancements and improvements in appliance efficiency have brought solar energy solutions within reach of small-scale farmers, and explore the market growth opportunities in the solar water pumping and agriculture pre-and-post processing segments.
  • 5:30–9 pm, Industry Reception: The Efficiency for Access Coalition and partners will give voice to the industry’s ongoing needs for quality assurance and rally support for the new quality assurance program that serves the sector.
  • 11:45–12:30 pm, Bougainville: Olivier Mbera of Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park, a Global LEAP Solar E-Waste Challenge Awardee, will speak on the panel Closing the loop: three game-changers for business action on e-waste. Olivier will address business action on take-back, refurbishment and recycling of e-waste, and highlight how innovation is turning a cost centre into value and opportunity.
  • 2–3:30 pm, Jambo I: As a speaker on the panel Open solar: a new paradigm to enhance consumer value and drive appliance market growth, Makena Ireri from the Efficiency for Access Secretariat will discuss the benefits and challenges of technology compatibility and interoperability in the sector, drawing from roadmapping activities carried out by the Coalition.
  • 9–10:30 am, Jambo 1: The Efficiency for Access Coalition is hosting a session on Unlocking Higher levels of energy access: achieving market scale for appliance and productive use. This session will share the latest insights from the off-grid appliance and productive use sector — including market potential, technology innovations, consumer preferences, and impacts. The session will be discussion based and give market stakeholders an opportunity to share learnings, network, and identify priority areas for donors and other market ecosystem actors to increase support.
  • 11–12:30 pm, Jambo I: The Efficiency for Access team is partnering with the Modern Energy Cooking Services Programme and World Bank ESMAP to host a session on electric cooking. EforA’ Sam Grant will also discuss the Global LEAP Awards Electric Pressure Cooker Competition.
  • 11–12:30 pm, Jambo II: The Efficiency for Access Coalition is co-hosting a session with Energy4Impact and the Access to Energy Institute on productive use technologies — including solar water pumps, refrigeration, cold chain, and agricultural processing. This session will be mostly discussion based, with breakout groups discussing innovations and challenges for each of these technologies.
  • 1:30–3 pm, Mt. Kenya D: Efficiency for Access, as part of the DRE Network, will host Powerful Research; Powerful Advocacy. The goal of the network is to improve knowledge sharing, networking and coordination on research and data analysis in the sector. Makena Ireri will lead a discussion on how the sector can ensure it puts research into action and engage the right audiences.
  • 1:30–3 pm, Jambo I: Members of the Efficiency for Access Secretariat will host a session on how to evolve quality assurance to meet the off-grid solar sector’s growing needs. Topics will include how to expand the existing QA framework to cover a broader range of products, such as productive use appliances. During the session, we will take feedback on what product data and services are needed.




A global coalition to accelerate clean energy access through high-performing appliances

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Efficiency for Access

Efficiency for Access

A global coalition to accelerate clean energy access through high-performing appliances

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